X/ Here today, gone tomorrow

First of all, here is THE MASTERPIECE you gotta play while reading that chapter. Let me warn you though, this is one of my find of the year, you might have an eargasm..!

“Here today, gone tomorrow”, couldn’t have match any better with what I gotta say, what I feel and what I’m going through those days. Plus that little fella on the photo reminds me so much of me when I was a kid!! Yes I was almost blond at the time…
And this track is just so powerful… I don’t know, ain’t no word to describe it, it’s taking you from the inside and makes you trip along the melody… Wow, I love it!! I love music, and I love that – even nowadays – it is still possible to discover such disregarded masterpiece..!
Without music, life would definitely be a mistake.

Here today, the message I’ve sent to my boss:
“I’m not coming tonight, I come no more. Tell the managers I don’t like the decisions they made lately. I know I’d better tell it directly to them, but they wouldn’t pick up their phone… My apologies to you, you’re a good head chef. Greetings to the staff, goodbye. Vinz’ ”
…gone tomorrow!

‘Once upon a time I was sweet and innocent. And then shit happened.’

No more job, plans have changed again. My pal and I are finally leaving earlier, in three days exactly, destination unknown. All we know is that from Wednesday on, we’ll be on road between New Zealand and Australia for 62 days..! Two months on the road, gosh, there we go… PUNCHING IN A DREAM!!!
“Nobody can go back and create a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Another learning of this year: one is not often rewarded for being legit and honest.
Seems like in this country it’s even often the opposite. The more you lie, the more you get and the more you’re straight, the more you get screwed. Some would say this is how life works after all.
Whatever, I’ve chosen my side now.
“I think that at first I wanted to do good around me. It has not been possible for two reasons: because they prevented me from doing it, and also a little because I abdicated.” 99Fr

No matter what happened in the end, I know that I really needed that shit job to push me to start writing. Those dirty dishes have finally been the starting point of everything.
So this is it, 10th chapter, and probably the “end” of the first part! The thing is, from the moment I’ll leave Bondi, I’m not sure of when is gonna be the next time I’ll have an access to the Internet… Two months with no laptop, here is the price to pay for spending over sixty days straight on the road..!
Anyways, it’s been a pleasure to write, share, have feedback and most of all to externalize my feelings.
Thanks for reading, bye bye Bondi!!

“Sometimes goodbyes are a second chance.”

PS: If someone came up to you and handed you a book about your entire life, would you read it until the end?


IX/ Fuck it dude, let’s go bowling

“Look, you may think that, here, between those walls, YOU are THE manager, but let me tell you one thing boss, I AM the manager of my life.
And in my world, you’re not a slave – no – you don’t even exist.”

I don’t have any issue with authority, I nevertheless do have one with pricks.
My boss was an asshole, goodbye.

You know you’ve been working in a restaurant for too long when you start yelling “PAX!!” to random people in the street when they’re standing right in the middle of the sidewalk. Thing I do particularly hate by the way. But no worries, I feel better since I got my membership card at the I.S.W.T.P.S.W.P.I.T.B.O.T.H Society (I Secretly Want To Punch Slow Walking People In The Back Of The Head Society).

“I’m not proud of everything I did, but I’m pretty sure I’d do it all again.”

Makes sense, makes a lot of sense even. No matter what path one has chosen, admitting that a chance was given to anyone to move backwards and change things, one would generally be just too lazy to pick something different.

I should have been upset for having lost my job, messed up my plans and so on, but I wasn’t.
Maybe because there was like a smell of freedom floating in the air since then, what’s better than a wind of change anyways??
If there are no ups and down in your life, it means you are dead.

And let me ask you one thing, when was the last time you did something for the first time?
At least I got an answer to that question now.

Yo, here Sydney, I’m not sure I have a job anymore (..) what’s the craic now?

“Time to travel !!” Correct answer.
After I’ve worked my ass off for 6 months in Australia, it’s now time to move on, time to enjoy the holiday part of my working holiday visa..!

“People say that walking away is the hardest thing to do, but it isn’t. Staying, even when you know it will break your heart, is the toughest. Staying right where you are, waiting for your entire world to be ripped into pieces is much harder than walking away and starting a new one.”

I just think it’s a pity that, generally, it’s pretty impossible to quit a job and stay in good terms with your boss and even sometimes with your colleagues.
Because, whether you like it or not, those are persons you’ve spent so much time with…
But once you’ve quit, it will never end up on a good way. It always feels at least a bit awkward when you meet again, you know, just like when you gotta drop by your ex-girlfriend’s to pick up your stuff after you broke up…
These two situations have so much in common in the end, breaking up with a girl and quit a job, always a new turn in one’s life.
No happy ending but every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

Whatever, as I heard once: “No reason to stay is a good reason to leave.”

Whenever you get stuck somewhere, the only thing you have in mind is to escape. It’s almost a duty.
Bondi, it’s been …..… Something!! That’s what came up first, “Something!!” Yes it’s been something that I will never forget, be sure of it. I’ve learned a lot, time to move on now.

Two weeks to explore New Zealand plus one month road trippin’ along the Australian east coast… Time to dust off my backpack, my real “Into The Wild” is finally about to begin!!
50 days straight on the road… LEGEND’!!!
Brace yourselves, I’ll show you around.

“Don’t take life so seriously. It’s not like you’re going to get out alive.”

VIII/ Wake up and smell the millennium

The following soundtrack is to be played right away
(and eventually replayed at some point)

So yesterday was Australian Day and I celebrated it at Dub Fx’s concert @ Sydney…. Just for info, this guy is the godfather of beat box… One of my sickest Aussie night so far!!!
I don’t go out often anymore, but when I do…..

And today, on this national hangover day, as I’m literally dying at work after that sleepless night, washing up dishes over and over again (…) when suddenly…..
OH MY GOD…. Let me tell you that I didn’t really think it twice before to throw my towel away and go at him..!
Got an autograph and talked with him for a while… Fuckin hell… Still can’t believe it…… My hangover day at work just took another dimension..!
Told him my book was called “Step on my trip”, he told me he was proud and high-fived me….
Still can’t find the right words… :’)
If THIS is not a sign, then I don’t know what a sign is.

Then when he walked away, my workmates asked me who he was… Oh my goodness, they are Australian and they don’t even know Dub Fx… They guy is worldwide famous, a rock star in Europe with million views on Youtube and he’s not even known in his own country…
It’s like when you’re abroad and you get to know people from the worldwide but from the actual country you’re at…
Or like when like you’re traveling the world when you haven’t even really visited everything that has to be seen in your hometown, you know, this type of things.

Well whatever, today I finally booked my flight for New Zealand..!!!!!!!
I’ll be road-tripping over there for 2 weeks early March with some German dude I met in Melbourne!! This MIGHT be legendary..! Especially because this is gonna be four months that I’m stuck in Bondi working as a slave to finance this trip!! My “most deserved” road trip ever..!
Anyways, right now it’s 3am and I’m literally whacked from work and all that means is => 4 weeks left before I give back my apron..!
Really looking forward to make my next move, need to change air & some adventure too!!
But at the same time, it means leaving everything behind, again…

Maybe happiness is simply when you can already tell today that you will for sure miss this ‘mini-life’ you’re leading at the moment once you’ll be gone.
Once you’ll be far away from those travel mates, colleagues, flatmates, once you’ll have left your house and all the habits you took in that ‘new town’. That is the whole thing I mean by ‘mini-life’.
And even though it’s only a couple of months you’ve spent there, wherever you are, believe me this is always gonna be enough time for having planted roots that will be painful to pluck off.
Life’s an approaching farewell.

And there we go, my Bondi’s “mini-life” starts falling apart. The two of my flatmates that have been living with me since my arrival are leaving in a few days.
But at the same time yesterday one of my best mate from Melbourne just randomly popped up by my door and he’s gonna move in for a while..!
You know, life, it just comes and goes..!

I’m glad he just arrived cause otherwise in four days I would have been alone in my flat..! HEEELP!!
My god, I wonder if I could survive alone in a flat after having been living one year @ La Casa Loca (17 housemates), four consecutive months in backpackers and my current house when it was still full: approx. 30 persons!! Yes, above 25 housemates it’s pretty difficult to keep track of how many people you’re living with…
Well actually I’m glad he’s here because he’s fun. I like people who are still capable to make themselves laugh nowadays, maybe cause I’m one of them too.
“Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.”

It’s important to know what you don’t wanna be in life, then it is less relevant to know what you actually want to be, you’re still plenty of time to find out believe me.

Live for the day, content yourself with a few things, but always have big plans and hope for the future, perhaps this was the secret of longevity.
But despite what I’ve been taught all my life, you should never be satisfied with what you have, cause if you do, you could miss quite a lot of things… Reason and rationality should not be a limit to one’s ambition in life.

I believe one travels until one finally finds what one’s been looking for. Still remains to figure out what that thing is.
If most of us know what we were eventually running away from when we left, just few of us can boast about knowing what they were really seeking when they first left their country.

No matter what I was initially looking for, I think I just found it.
Maybe this thing was actually not a thing. Maybe this thing is just something bigger and more of a conceptual & metaphorical thing… Maybe what I found is just… Me?
Maybe I just simply “found myself”, abroad..!
“Nosce te ipsum”, ancient Latin for “Know thyself”.

Since I got that ‘time is the enemy’, all I want is to get back to the ones I love in Spain & Portugal where I was last year. No need to go further away, when you found the ones and your personal paradise on earth..!
Plus I feel like I’ve learnt enough from my time in Australia. I’ve done enough learning for now, it’s time go back to the roots and implement the projects I have back in Europe..!
Andalucía, time has come to head back in these lands I know, birthplace of the Diaz family..!
Now it’s just a matter of months before I’m back, more alive and kicking than ever.

Stay true,
Vinz’ Fx

VII/ All I Can

“When you add in a song track and you put on that song in the background when you are reading, it makes you think. I just applied for a traineeship to work at the European Commission, I really hope they select me so I can start working there.
But then I read your blog and I’m like: screw it. SCREW IT ALL. I’m selling everything and I’m using all my money to get myself a ticket to Latin America and just start travelling. Because I want to and because I feel I should. Because I can.”

This one is just for you bro!!

Go you dude, ‘sail away’..! Couldn’t give you any better tip my friend!!
“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth, then I ask myself the same question.” Remember?? I’m pretty sure that you’re the one who made me discover that saying.

“They didn’t know it was impossible, so they did it.” Mark Twain.
And as I start surprising myself talking about Europe when I mean home, I nevertheless have learned something lately: “Real freedom isn’t easy to handle”.
We’re all constantly fighting for being freer, having more spare time and having no one to tell us what to do. But once one reaches the ultimate freedom, then one finds oneself in an awkward position, not being prepared to face such change…
Whether we like it or not we’re all pretty much used to follow rules and customs, things that are surprisingly not that easy to get rid of in the end.

Whenever you feel down, homesick or whatever, always keep in mind that “tomorrow is another day”, just go to bed and “everything will be better tomorrow”.
There will always be new encounters on your way. Keep on walking, trust the future. Life’s definitely full of surprises if your heart is open enough to seize them.
“If you make friends with yourself you will never be alone”. This all make sense now my dear Maxwell Maltz.
“The past is dead. And now I see nothing really that proves me that it actually happened” told me a travel mate once,
Just answered : ‘No one hates you more than your reflexions.’
To be meditated.

“And I shambled after as usual as I’ve been doing all my life after people that interest me, because the only people that interest me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones that never yawn or say a commonplace thing but burn, burn, burn like roman candles across the night.” On The Road.

Happiness is to know how to surround yourself.
“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Shoot-out to Oli, that dude from London I met once in Melbourne, currently traveling the world year after year.
He told me that one story of a friend of his who went abroad for a year studying or so, and who came back home afterwards, and took over his exact same life he was leading before to leave.
“Fuck me man, have you not learnt anything?!?” Sir Oli.

To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.
And I’m telling you my friends, life is definitely so much more intense when you’re abroad;
When buying a one-way flight ticket rhymes with pressing the fast forward button.

Hold on your dreams, no matter what.
“Entropy. This is why you can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube.” R.

And I leave you there, right after one of the most meaningful quote ever, with still a thank gift for reading, my brand-new ‘Song of the week’:

Today is Australia Day and I got my very first Saturday off in 2 months, time to celebrate bitches!!

PS: Tonight I got a date with Dub Fx @ Sydney..! ❤

VI/ Karma Police

Wow, just had a ‘déjà vu’!! This shit is so interesting by the way, it’s like the science of dreams.. Just Love it!!
I see a ‘déjà vu’ as a kind of ‘checkpoint’ of your life that you had to reach one way or another. But in my world, between these two ‘checkpoints’, it is fully up to you to choose your way. Basically you have 200 000 million different paths that all lead to the same next ‘déjà vu’ in the end.

Don’t you ever noticed that in general it comes by cycles? I mean sometimes you can have over than one déjà vu per day and some other periods it’s not even once a month??
Suspicious isn’t it ? Well if you get it from my point of view, it would just mean that those long periods with no déjà vu at all are just due to the fact that you’ve chosen the longest or the most difficult path to reach your personal next ‘checkpoint’. In fact, you could almost be proud of yourself..!
Wow, I’m going a bit too far right there… But still, this theory takes the whole thing to another level right??
Later on, scientists will explain you that’s it’s just a matter of an eyes that has seen the exact same thing as the second one but with a micro second lag.
Well whatever, I prefer my own interpretation.
And what if ‘déjà vu’ meant that you lost a life and restarted at the last checkpoint?

“I don’t sleep much but I dream a lot.”

9.56pm: “You know it’s time to move out from your flat when one of your housemates burps out loud in the living room before to tell ‘Legend!’ to himself…”

As you might already know, my laptop left me down a couple of hours after I put all of my first five chapters online… Great timing dude, really. This is gonna make it so much easier for me to get some feedback… Thanks for them by the way, those were pretty encouraging feedback!!
As you can see, it made me wanna keep on going, no matter what.
How about the music then, still listening to it? How do you like it?
Got some really nice feedback about that too and since I love music, from now on I’ll share more of my ‘Love-at-first-play’ songs!!
Lately found out about that Artist called Bakermat… Purely awesome!!
Here is one of his best tune; this is called “Zomer”.

The destiny tried to take my laptop away from me when I needed it the most??
Well fuck that, just stole my housemate’s one and tonight I’m writing my 6th chapter.
(For the anecdote, that one housemate’s laptop that I’m talking about ALSO crashed down few hours after I wrote these words..! Kind of Karma I guess…)
But taking some perspective from the situation, there’s still some good ones that happened during this ‘disconnected week’.

First I had so much inspiration!! Literally boiling!! But of course, with no laptop that I could use to keep on writing…
You know it’s always the same in life, as soon as you know that you cannot do something, all of your senses will push you trying to do that one thing.
“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself.” Oscar Wilde
It actually happens all the time, you know it’s this thing that makes you having too many good job opportunities when you do actually already have job, but makes you go through a terrible misfortune when you’re actually looking for one?
That also works with chicks by the way, but let’s not go there.

One of the best anecdote of the week occurred during my first night after work (after having lost my laptop). It was late at night, something like 3am, my co-worker just went back home (after a pretty nice chilling out session..) and then I was feeling slightly alone I must admit. And at this exact moment, a dude from another flat popped up in my living room with the eyes wide open, looking pretty much shocked or sort of…
I mean to make a parenthesis to clarify something here, in Australia weed is so ‘popular’ and way more democratized than in Europe (..!). Remember that I told you I surprised the big boss of my restaurant making himself a massive joint few days ago ?? Well this is what I mean.

With respect to the question of my anecdote of the week, the guys explained me that he was already pretty high when he found out he ‘didn’t have enough shit left to finish his night’. As he was trying to ‘gather the very last crumbs’ he had, he found himself picking up some pieces that may have fell over the floor. And since it was pretty dark in there (4 in the morning), he couldn’t really see what he was actually picking up…
“Dude, I just had a revelation!! I know now where the expression ‘smocking the carpet’ is coming from !! Cuz 2 minutes ago, I found out that I WAS actually LITERALLY SMOCKING THE CARPET!!!”

It also took me a while to understand. Subtitles: He meant that he accidentally probably put some nasty small pieces of the (disgusting) carpet we have in each flat in my building INTO his joint as he was trying to gather his last ‘weed crumbs’ over the floor.
This building, my building, or “Fight Club`s house” as I’ve always been calling it…
So, according to him, the expression ‘Have you been smocking the carpet??’ has been invented by a man who was apparently that fucked up that he ended up smocking his own carpet, being desperate or simply cause he couldn`t find anything else to smoke.
It’s a concept, but I’ve laughed my ass off, I must admit. You should have seen his eyes whilst he was telling the story, as if he saw Virgin Mary..!
This Spanish fellah is called Pablo, he lives next door and he rocks.

Ow dear laptop… why?? Why have you left me down after everything we’ve been through together..?
You know it’s always the same, you just never wanna believe this is ever gonna happen to you… To your surrounding maybe but never to your beloved laptop that you’ve been taking care of for 5 years..! C’mon dude, I never ever dropped you over the floor badly, I’ve taken you with me in all my great travels, I’ve shown you some nice po..-(HUM HUM) Sorry-.. photos, well whatever you left me down.

Randomly listening all of my old tracks that I have on my lpod for a last time as I know in advance that I’ll lose all my playlists on Itunes as they are fully rebooting my laptop by now… (Yes the Chinese dude just gave me a call, I’ll get it back tomorrow.)
And as I fly away listening to my favourite tunes being kind of nostalgic because I know it might be the very last time I’m ever listening this or that song in particular that remind me so much episodes of my ‘youth’, like high school time for instance… ‘Souvenirs souvenirs !!’
Makes me feel a bit like Jim Carrey in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” when he’s trying to hide in his own memories for them not to be erased forever… But one still can read in his eyes that he knows it’s irretrievably too late…

Don’t worry about hard times, these are our best teachers in life.


As I left France early September 2012, aware that this time – the 3rd time – it was gonna be for a year and no escape possible, I remember the goodbyes with my mother, holding me in her arms, sobbing on my shoulder and I told her: “I can only get back grown up from such an experience.”
Madre, I can tell you one thing, I think this promise is gonna be held..!

Well first, you deserve a big thank you just for having read all that !! I mean it.
Thank you for your support too, I need it.
On my side, it really felt good to release all that.
Found out that I love writing, It’s like screaming in silence.

The most important thing in the world is to keep faith, no matter what you believe in.
“Stand up for what you believe in, even if you’re standing alone.”
I’m firmly convinced that one’s subjective way to see the world is still one’s best weapon in life.

And I leave you here, on those meaningful words.
Feel free to let me know what do you think, how did you find these ‘new writings’ like, any feedback is more than welcome!!

From Australia, with love & committed lightness.

V/ Falling

Sorry to interrupt, but as I was chilling out after four hours writing – thinking I was actually done with all that for today – my Itunes randomly played a song that reminded me of an episode of my life that I’m pretty sure shall be mentioned at some point.

It’s all about a song and a girl.
The song is “Phoenix 1901 D.L.I.D remix”

I met that girl last year as I was living in Seville, Spain. She might be reading this someday.

She once played that song for me and told me to pay special attention to the lyrics. So did I. And if you do try, you’ll see that the lyrics are pretty blurred and abstract. And this is precisely what she wanted to come at by asking me this.
And as I asked her what did she could get of the general meaning of the song regarding to the words, there starts that wonderful moment of a kind of ‘musical-poetry-interpretation-imagination’…. Enjoy!!

She told me that according to her, it was all about that guy stuck in an airplane that was gonna crash inevitably very soon… The guy, having to face an almost certain stupid death in an air crash, decided to give up on the very insignificant tiny chance of surviving the crash but opening the door of the airplane and jumping into the void.
At that moment, living a certainly awesome and exceptional very last thing before to die has been judged like being a better option than stupidly waiting for a ridiculous unavoidable soon end.
It’s full of metaphors and so poetic when you hear her words and her little voice whilst listening to that song… Just love it!!
Plus it’s true that the lyrics go like “It’s twenty seconds ’til the last call” so it’s pretty easy to associate it to an airplane story. During the chorus, it kind of sounds like the guy says “Falling, falling, falling”, and once you get that, it straight away feels so much easier to follow her in her ‘dreams’ and then ‘give free rein to your imagination’. Close your eyes and see…

It turned out that “Falling” was not what he actually says in the song, but whatever, I was literally hooked.
“If you can’t really get the meaning of the lyrics it’s even better, then you can imagine them.”
Wow, almost shivering right there!! I love your concept, and I just realized as I’m writing that I should do it more often from now on; inventing meanings to songs I don’t really understand.
Thank you again for all that.

“Falling, falling, falling”, this also reminds me of something else, yes I know I can’t stop writing!! So as I just can’t help my brain from literally boiling even though I’ve been working all week long and it is now 5.28 in the morning, I can see the daylight through the broken blinds, I’m typing on my laptop in the living room, one of my roommate is getting up heading to work (…) and another flat mate is literally snoring laying on the other couch next to me… “YES !!”
Whatever, it reminds me of a beautiful song [ Falling – The Cat Empire ]

Song that has been the ‘original soundtrack’ of an awesome road trip that I did last year through Portugal…. But this is another story..!
Stay tuned !!

“Think it’s not what you say, what you say is way too complicated
For a minute, though, I couldn’t tell how to fall out” ♫

It’s crazy like a moment that first appears like being insignificant, will stay stuck in your mind for ages…. The power of music, what do you want!

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” Sir Friedrich Nietzsche.

IV/ Step on my Trip

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails.
Explore. Dream. Discover.”
Mark Twain.

Most certainly one of my favourite quote ever. At the hostel I was working at in Melbourne I printed out this quote on an A4 format and I pasted it on the wall at the reception.
Anyways, now I’m not afraid anymore, beacuse thanks to my Germans, I now know that “You always meet twice in life” ..!

Oh god, please allow me a two second break to tell you what just happened as I’m writing in my living room. A Chilean dude who lives next door just popped into my flat and: “Guyyyys, have you got newspapers??” “…. laugh*” “What are you laughing at?!” “Dude, do you realize that you’re popping by the flat 10 times a day asking for the most random shit like ‘a drop of goon for your pasta sauce’, ‘an empty can of beer’ and now you want some newspapers?!? Dufuq man?!” “No, it’s cuz I want to cut my hair in my flat”
Aaaaaaaaaaaaalright… This house is definitely full of ‘random-life’..!

Well, well, well… Even though I’m learning/experiencing a lot of stuff by travelling through Australia, in the long term, constantly having to ‘building yourself a new life’ anytime you change address can be a pretty tough thing… Make new friends, new habits etc.
And I’m not ashamed to tell it out loud. I miss the European craziness, I miss Galway, and most of all I miss the life I had last year in Spain, in my beloved Seville…

No os puedo decir lo mucho que echo de menos la Sevillita nuestra, su “color especial”, su gente, mi Casa Lokita, su cielo, sus borracheras taaaan baratas, Alfalfa, mis ERA’MU’, nuestros FIESTONES, nuestros RESACONES jajaj, el ritmo de vida, nuestros partidos de Baseball™ en la terraza “on the top of the world”…. Guau, TODO!! Y especialmente mis compiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis!!!!

But what I lately learned is that one cannot live in the past, ain't nothing good in that.
"Relationships are like glass. Sometimes it‘s better to leave them broken than hurt yourself trying to put it back together."
Always going ahead, "Siempre por delante"!!
Nevertheless, It's very likely that I live back either in Spain or Portugal next year, I just can't help myself, I feel like my roots are calling me back. Andalucía and Algarve, be ready to welcome me back..!
But you know, as I use to say, 'plans are made to be changed'.

Whatever, I got a lot of projects and guess what?? My next move is gonna be New Zealand for a couple of weeks as soon as I manage to leave Bondi, before to get back to Australia for the last round, and this time, heading up north, into the wild..!
“Life is what happen to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

Plans, plans, plans… My plans… My plans that have taken me to Spain for a year once, and for example thanks to that experience, now at work I’m able to speak Spanish with an Argentinean colleague of mine about the cute girls standing in front of us sipping on a cocktail at the bar with no fear to be understood.
Such a great thing to speak several languages and almost always having a ‘secrete language’ in common with some friend so then whenever you’re in a public place you can talk out loud with your mate about the ugly fat bastard who’s literally seated next to you in the bus.
Also useful to plot against the grumpy manager in French with another colleague so she wouldn’t get anything bad we say.
Turns out that it’s actually pretty cool to do a shit job, it’s a good way to meet people coming from every single background possible.

If I had to write a book, I’ll call it “On my way”, or maybe not. Things called like “On my way” have become unfortunately too popular lately. Let’s call that book “Step on my trip”.

Dub Fx, beat box’s godfather who’s by the way giving a concert here in f*cking Sydney next Saturday, jeez, I gotta hurry up to get my ticket!!
(After reflexion, he’s Australian, might be normal that is ‘beat boxing” live down here!!)
Same concert hall as the one where I’ve seen one of my personal god last month, Sir Paul Kalkbrenner… One love.

III/ Random Wisdom

Just realized that I’ve already written over twelve pages on Word..!!
Now it’s official, my words definitely overtaken my initial thoughts, and all the better!

Now I remember, all those writing things came up first from the fact that I’ve been talking to myself quite a lot lately… But before to judge me saying that I’m a weirdo or whatever, take a look around you, people do that all the time, they don’t even realize that they’re actually doing it!! So as you right now..!

Well, I was saying that this project came up first because I’m having a lot of ‘personal reflexions’ (let’s call it this way) those days AND ALSO because of a very singular detail.
At work, at my ‘Dishee section’ into the restaurant, I have a kind of window in front of me through what I spend my days watching what’s going on in the restaurant room itself, ok let’s say ‘staring at people’ who most don’t even notice me back.
And what I love to do the most is to stare at random people in the room who are just simply eating or else having a drink at the bar, and then I can’t help inventing what they lives are like.
C’mon, admit it, it’s something you’ve already done at least once in your life.
It’s crazy how much fun it can be sometimes, and I all naturally came up to the conclusion that I should start writing some of those reflexions down and share them, maybe some of you could have a laugh with me..?
Ok, if you’re still reading now, it means that you trust me and maybe even like it a bit (?) so you deserve something special; let me tell you THE anecdote from what everything is born.

Context: At work (again, yes I know, but since I’m a big fan of dirty dishes, I’m spending all of my time there…) as I just got hired at the restaurant early December.
So those are my very first days, I don’t know anyone yet, I’m the very last arrived and everyone knows each other.
And so there is that special young waitress, let’s say maybe 16 years old, most likely from Australia, who is really being really unfriendly to me, let’s even say rude. Most of my other colleagues being normal and mostly very friendly to me who’s still a bit lost, I’m trying to figure out why this girl is being so mean to me. And there starts my whole reflexions in my mind…

There we go, right into the heart of the emphasis!! Even though I must warn you guys that the fall of this story is not that groundbreaking…
So I’m thinking to myself, maybe she doesn’t like foreigners (since I’m one of the only one at this time in the whole staff), or maybe she’s just very young in her brain and she’s nothing but a nasty little brat!
By the way, her name is Sophy.
And the very special detail I wanna talk about is that she, on purpose, never strips well the plates that she’s taking to my station to be cleaned. THE ONE THING that particularly pisses off – I’m sure – absolutely every Dishees across the world, am I right guys?? Shoot-out to everyone who has already been working as a kitchen hand, cheer up brothers, you guys know what I’m talking about right there.
Yeah it is indeed annoying for a dish washer when the waiters are not taking out the food left from the dirty plates because it takes us twice the time to clean it up. It’s also annoying because we can’t help thinking that all waiters are lazy motherf*ckers who have plenty of free time during the service so they eventually could take the time for stripping the plates correctly since they are always ‘waiting’..! No offense.

And then one day, she went too far, leaving behind her fuck tons of dirty plates full of ‘half-eaten stuff’ thinking that I wouldn’t notice that it was her because I was watching in the other direction when she dropped all that shit. But as I turned around, I yelled a maaaaaaaaaassive ‘YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!’ being super mad at the c*nt who did that (even though at the moment I didn’t even know who did it), but it finally turned out that it was effectively coming from her…
And so what?? Since that moment, she’s aaaaaaaaaaaalways been stripping her dirty plates to the perfection..!
Never knew if someone told her to make an effort with me or if I all simply scared the shit out of her that day, because yeah, I was most probably looking super angry at this special moment (being already on a bad day..) and her face got very pale straight away after that and she didn’t say a word but ran away… I just realized as I’m writing that I must appear like being such a monster from an external point of view… Ahah fuck it.

(Don’t worry the anecdote is almost over in case you’re not amused, or just don’t get my tangled words…)

A month went by and she still haven’t really been talking to me so far (but really improved her skills at stripping plates in the mean time). I by the way admit that I never really tried either to make a sincere effort with her, it’s also true. And suddenly, last night, that kid surprised me more than no one ever did.
As I was leaving the restaurant after a banal other shift, she turned around, looked at me, smiled and whilst waving at me she just threw the nicest ‘Aurevoir’ I ever heard with her pretty charming Aussie kid accent..!
I was shocked!! And also feeling slightly ashamed somehow as she just proved me that she may be a bit of a bitch but she still could be the one amongst us two who would do the first step… I will always remember that night, I felt like the time has stopped, that young little girl who so far was nothing but a brat just gave me a lesson of life. I was breathless.

Generally talking I feel like I’m lately learning way more than what I did during the whole long and boring time of my studies; traveling is definitely the best university.
Or maybe I’m just experiencing what ‘normal people’ most commonly call “growing old”…

Anyways, I called my sister to tell her about that story, we had a good laugh and conversation that night through Skype and she suggested me to write that down…
Thank you Reloue, these words are for you!!

II/ No turning back∞packer

End of my shift, the owner of the restaurant asks me for some tobacco, I give him some. As I get the packet back I notice there a piece of carton missing on my paper packet..?! WTF?! Whatever.
5 minutes after on, as I pop-up a very last time in the kitchen in order to say goodbye everyone, it turns out that my tobacco was indeed being used to make a massive spliff…
My boss is a stoner, whatever, I’m on weekend!!
And I incidentally got time to write.

So, let’s summarize this first semester spent in Australia.
I wanted to work in a Backpackers? I’ve been working for 2 months as Night Manager (night shifts at the reception) @ Home at the Mansion Backpacker (Melbourne).
I meant to make myself a first experience in catering? I’m currently working in some good restaurant, still learning some stuff from time to time even though I’m just a kitchen hand.
“No matter what you do, do it with style.”

Well… “So far so good” as they say down here!
That’s by the way one of the advantage to be literally on the other end of the world, you can lie as much as you want on your CV, no one’s even gonna double check anything.
So I admit that to get those jobs I’ve lied on my resume, I’m not ashamed.
When you see how most employers actually treat/abuse Working Holiday Visa foreigners, the least we can do in return is to make up a beautiful bullshit on the front line of our CV. Seems legit.

Wow, seems like we’ve crossed the seven pages by now… I’m surprising myself!!
When I see “2937 words” at the bottom left hand corner of my Word window I just can’t help thinking of the time I was still a student back in the days.
In order to graduate that year in Galway I remember that I had to pass a tricky subject called “Business Ethics”. The teacher asked us to write a couple of thousand words about some boring stuff, and by the time the number of words was the most important shit, so straight away writing becomes a pain in the ass… But now that I’m doing it for myself it changes quite a lot of things.

It even turned out that now I’m writing instead of drinking on my days off…. what a change!! I feel like I’m going through great things these days, major changes, irremediably facing a turning point of my life.

I would have learnt how to live with a very few stuff, and with no address.
I once said “My life now weighs 20 kilos of luggages, but tons of love and souvenirs.” when I had to leave Spain after the most incredible year of my life..
Sevilla mi alma !!

Oh – and guess what – I would also have learnt how TO LIVE WITHOUT NIGHTLIFE!! Can you believe that shit?!?
Ok, let me explain. To get hired at the restaurant, I had to accept to work every single weekend, ‘weekend’ here actually means ‘from Wednesday to Sunday included, afternoon + evening until closing (midnight)’ .
Subtitles?? No more weekends => Always working on the ‘party nights’ => Days off on Monday & Tuesday => Absolutely no way to have a good night out on any of these two fucked up days off…
So yeah, I simply had to renounce have a nightlife… Yes, you got me well!! I did NOT go out the past two months..!! Told you, changes…

But I’m not gonna lie to you, let’s make things clear out there, nightlife in Australia SUCKS SO BADLY. Every bar/club shuts around one, or eventually 2am if you’re really lucky and – another thing – you get automatically kicked out whenever you’re slightly drunk….. What’s the fuck Australia?!? Getting drunk IS THE PURPOSE of your establishment!!!!
Bars and night clubs aren’t that crazy here anyways… There’s always something missing, you know that I-don’t-know-what that makes your mood up?? I guess we can call that the good old European craziness.
Plus so far I haven’t found any “headquarter”, you know, that bar or club where you can head every single night with absolutely no chance to get bored?? Aka: Alfalfa @ Sevilla, Roisin Dubh @ Galway…
Or maybe nightlife is not THAT bad in Oz, maybe I just had a far too sick nightlife last year as I was leaving in Spain… Probably nothing worse than a too big contrast I guess.

But 3 months with no weekends, no nights out and a basically fucked up night life = party home. I, for instance, will never forget my very first Xmas abroad… Might be a bit ‘selfish towards my family’ to say that, but this year I really had the best Xmas ever!! I could never have imagined it would have been so much fun to celebrate it abroad..! (See photo on top of the page)
Indoors BBQ, midnight bath at 4am, all clothes getting stolen in the meantime, running after the thieves naked on the beach (…), totally randomly finding some new abandoned clothes further away at the water’s edge (!!), going back home at the sunrise, finding a couple of people passed out all over the floor & your housemate who threw up (& filled up) in a coffee cup from her bed…… WOOOOOOOOW!! This is what I mean when by “Xmas beautiful disaster party..!”

Cuz yeah, dunno if I told you yet, I now live in a massive house with something like 25 people?? The building is basically divided in 6 five person flats, but the concept is pretty sick ; only foreigners!!!
So it still feels like I’m living in a backpacker, but with a bit more of comfort & privacy.
By ‘privacy’ I mean sharing one room with only 2 other guys (instead of 7 when I used to live in Melbourne…) and by ‘comfort’, I mean having a regular single bed instead of a f*cking shaky bunk bed that I use to share with some random people as I was still living in an actual hostel. Oh yeah true, also at least now I know who I’m sharing my room with, believe me, it’s something appreciable.
You guys can’t even picture how wonderful my world’s gonna become as soon as I will find back a normal private room with eventually… a double bed for me only..???
Would that be possible?? Isn’t it too good to be true?! Wow, you see, just for you to have an idea, a singular night in a normal private bedroom, is one of my greatest dream these days..!

So yeah, life has its ups and downs, I do not hide, it’s part of the game.
And yes, I’ve had some ‘downs’ lately. There are just some days that are tougher than some others and it’s human after all sometimes to get back home literally whacked and not obviously in a good mood after having scrubbed nasty plates all day long…

Let me put things back in their context,
1/ A simple detail that takes a lot of proportions when it comes to have a Skype conversation with someone who’s in Europe, there is a 10 HOUR jet-lag with Australia… = Pretty impossible to talk to people you love for a whole year.
And believe me, after those 3 years that I’m travelling around the world now, I do really feel like it’s getting harder and harder to always be far away from the ones I love… To be constantly off balance… Believe me, I do really miss some of you so badly!! It’s not because I’m currently down under that I don’t think of you guys!!
But it does not necessarily mean that I’m gonna get done with travelling soon, because you know, ain’t no price to make new encounters on a daily basis..!
This shit is pretty addictive and… It keeps you alive.

2/ In order to runaway asap from this (after 3 months) slightly boring Bondi, I have to do a lot of sacrifices and living life ‘like a gypsy’ to save as much money as I can. (No offense, it’s just an expression)
By sacrifices I mainly mean having the least expenses possible. It’s constantly living on a low budget. As I wrote once:

“Being a backpacker is mostly about learning how to cut down on cost of living. It’s for example to constantly know where to find the cheapest tobacco place in a radius of 10Ks around, it’s to consider a rest of a shampoo bottle found in a backpackers as a real find, it’s to use that same rest of shampoo to do the dishes (…), it’s always being after free wifi spots, it’s travelling around with a disabled train ticket cuz it’s 10 times cheaper than a regular full fare ticket…
But being a backpacker is also learning how to properly enjoy free stuff & especially human relationships. The generosity and support from other backpackers travelling around worth over than all of those ridiculous dollars.”

“My days were more exciting when I was penniless.” Into The Wild.

So yeah, I’m saving on absolutely everything, I’m doing groceries twice a month, only buying basics products such as eggs & cheese. The rest of the food I eat home is for half coming from the leftovers taken home by one of my flatmate who works in a bakery (WIN) and for half coming straight from my restaurant, the food I’m taking/stealing home besides all of the dinners I have over there.
‎Makes me think of a good one : “If we are what we eat, I’m fast, cheap and easy.”
I’m also saving on my laundry, that I’m doing myself on the bathtub since it’s $4 to use the washer from my house… #GreedyLandlordsAcrossTheWorld (This one is for you Erna.)

Oh!!! Yes, before I forget, I mostly save on alcohol!! Brace yourselves; I haven’t bought any spirit in almost five months that I’m Australia now..! Fuck me, who would have thought!!
But it’s true, since a regular bottle of vodka cost approximately at least $40 (€33), it goes straight in the ‘non-affordable-products’ category. So then I mostly drink beers and ‘goon’, that disgusting Aussie wine sold in a box which gives you the worst hangover ever… Backpackers will know what I mean, THIS is a real sacrifice.

So yeah, this life that I lead now is not that easy every day. ‘Down under’ made/makes me go through ups and downs. One cannot win every time, otherwise victories would be tasteless.
“Everything’s gonna be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.”
For a while I just might have forgotten that the most important is not to be strong, but to feel strong.
The only real thing you gotta never forget is why you’re doing all that.
I do those sacrifices in order to save money to travel, always further away, and that is what I try to remember anytime I feel down, my goal.

‘This heart of mine was made to travel this world.’