XXI/ Promise me we won’t end up like this

It’s the story of a guy who went over to Ireland in 2010 for his last year of international business study.
Only, once graduated, he put this world of “dreamless sharks” behind and for good, got rid of everything he considered as being non-essential to his life, grabbed a backpack and went down the road with the firm intention of exploring this world.
Like an irresistible need to discover by himself what real life was all about, no more books or biased teachers to tell him what to think or what to believe in, from here on he was gonna learn straight from the school of life.
Countries after countries, encounters after encounters, crossing borders too fast to be caught up by death; there was no turning back.
It’s been over than 3 years that he’s down the road now. He never got back home since then, and never felt so free & alive in his whole life.

“Early in my life, there were only two kinds of people in my world: those I loved and those I hated. My best friends and my worst enemies. Those for whom I am prepared to give everything and those who can die in hell. Then you grow up. Between black and white, we find out the grey. You know, these people we can’t really call friends, but that we still like a little, and those that we consider close and who do not stop to stab you in the back. I’m not sure if the discovery of this shade is a renouncement or a lack of integrity.”

2 of the world’s longest flights, 11 hours stuck @ Hong Kong, 1 bomb threat in the tube @ Paris & a total of 39 hours later… BACK IN EUROPE BITCHES!!!

So I’ve spent my first week back in Europe in Paris, between getting high on food and devouring nightclubs, this good old European craziness that I have missed so badly during a year in Australia. More or less like I planned it, my first week back in Europe has been a succession of sunrises very late at night (or in the early morning, who cares), stumbling in streets I do not know, with my good old mates & Jack Daniels himself. Cheap booze, good food & sick nightlife, nothing had changed, and all the better!!
I almost shed a tear for all those great broship moments that we shared that week, I was finally back in my beloved Europe more alive and kicking than ever, nothing could stop me anymore.
One year’s deprivation was definitely too long. See chapter XV/ Drugs are a rational response to insanity.

I’m now continuing my journey of a lifetime across my land of cheese heading to Brittany, Brest to be precise, where my sister lives.

Gosh when I see these families all around me in the train, these young parents probably in their thirties, and already wearing socks with sandals… THE turn-off par excellence… Growing old is seriously freaking me out.
But I know I won’t be like them, well hopefully I won’t!! I don’t know, but for some reason I feel slightly different and I find it hard to believe that I’ll end up the same way as these sad portraits that I’m facing in that train. Eighty percent of what’s coming out of their mouths are complaints. Damn, I hereby forbid myself to become like them. And that baby who keeps on crying/screaming/destroying my right ear… Dear Ipod, don’t let me down, pleeeeeease!!

I just realised that I haven’t seen any kids in a year. I kid you not (ahah), I haven’t hung out at any place where there could have been a child this year..! Wow, what a performance!!! Especially since I didn’t even do it on purpose!!

I mean, Australia is a country full of backpackers (I’d say 23 years old on average) and that’s the class of the population I’ve spent most of my time with this year. Then Australia’s population is only 22 million people, not much for such gigantic country!!
Beside, I’ve been working in a restaurant, well in the kitchen to be precise, where everyone is over eighteen and in a backpackers, same thing. Then during the road trip, I’ve been either camping in the middle of nowhere (without having any chance to see anyone) or again, staying at some backpackers and at day time, either surfing or driving. So since kids are still not allowed to get in nightclubs, I don’t see when nor where during my year I could have seen kids..! Damn, what a great country..! Ahaha

Well whatever, now that I’m back in Europe I see/HEAR them every-f*cking-where… I haven’t missed that my god… It’s always the same, in life you always notice that you’re missing something when you don’t have it anymore. Also works the other way around though, mostly when traveling in countries that have a different culture. I mean when you get back home after a trip in a foreign country, you can miss the fact that in this country you were rid of some things you dislike; such as kids, or the sense of insecurity for instance… But this is another story.

I don’t wanna be a father, I mean not now!! Gosh, when I see some of my Facebook friends posting photos of their wedding or even worse; of their kids…
“How do you like my baby Vinz’??” “Well, to be honest I can only thank him for being a wakeup call reminding me how much I hold on my freedom.”
Damn, thank god I’m not so rude/honest but in fact, it only makes me wanna run away… Escape from what people call “obligations” and all these bullshits. Never forget that it’s an obligation to you only because you have been told so. Then it is up to you only to obey (or not) to what you’ve been told all your life.
Rules are made to be broken, just saying..!

At this point in my life, all I love is talented & passionate people. No matter if I share this passion or not. What I love is to be seated in front of someone who can describe me what he loves and especially why & how. In fact sometimes it’s even better if I don’t share this passion or even dislike it. Indeed, I would be even more impressed by someone who would stand in front of me defending his positions instead of trying to find a common ground. I find it respectable, especially in front of a stranger.

Rereading all what I just wrote, I’m aware that my words may sound pretty harsh sometimes but I just can’t help it, perhaps it’s simply the result of a mix of “I find it fascinating to live” and “Boredom is a crime”, two of my new religions of the moment.

“- Why don’t you ever let anyone see the good in you?
– When people see good they expect good. And I don’t wanna live up to anyone’s expectations.”


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