X/ Here today, gone tomorrow

First of all, here is THE MASTERPIECE you gotta play while reading that chapter. Let me warn you though, this is one of my find of the year, you might have an eargasm..!

“Here today, gone tomorrow”, couldn’t have match any better with what I gotta say, what I feel and what I’m going through those days. Plus that little fella on the photo reminds me so much of me when I was a kid!! Yes I was almost blond at the time…
And this track is just so powerful… I don’t know, ain’t no word to describe it, it’s taking you from the inside and makes you trip along the melody… Wow, I love it!! I love music, and I love that – even nowadays – it is still possible to discover such disregarded masterpiece..!
Without music, life would definitely be a mistake.

Here today, the message I’ve sent to my boss:
“I’m not coming tonight, I come no more. Tell the managers I don’t like the decisions they made lately. I know I’d better tell it directly to them, but they wouldn’t pick up their phone… My apologies to you, you’re a good head chef. Greetings to the staff, goodbye. Vinz’ ”
…gone tomorrow!

‘Once upon a time I was sweet and innocent. And then shit happened.’

No more job, plans have changed again. My pal and I are finally leaving earlier, in three days exactly, destination unknown. All we know is that from Wednesday on, we’ll be on road between New Zealand and Australia for 62 days..! Two months on the road, gosh, there we go… PUNCHING IN A DREAM!!!
“Nobody can go back and create a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

Another learning of this year: one is not often rewarded for being legit and honest.
Seems like in this country it’s even often the opposite. The more you lie, the more you get and the more you’re straight, the more you get screwed. Some would say this is how life works after all.
Whatever, I’ve chosen my side now.
“I think that at first I wanted to do good around me. It has not been possible for two reasons: because they prevented me from doing it, and also a little because I abdicated.” 99Fr

No matter what happened in the end, I know that I really needed that shit job to push me to start writing. Those dirty dishes have finally been the starting point of everything.
So this is it, 10th chapter, and probably the “end” of the first part! The thing is, from the moment I’ll leave Bondi, I’m not sure of when is gonna be the next time I’ll have an access to the Internet… Two months with no laptop, here is the price to pay for spending over sixty days straight on the road..!
Anyways, it’s been a pleasure to write, share, have feedback and most of all to externalize my feelings.
Thanks for reading, bye bye Bondi!!

“Sometimes goodbyes are a second chance.”

PS: If someone came up to you and handed you a book about your entire life, would you read it until the end?


3 thoughts on “X/ Here today, gone tomorrow

  1. Wow Vinz! Your blog is amazing! I love the way you write and how you express your feelings (Gonzo style!) I have read it all and I want more! Anyway, I guess that you are now in New Zealand with good ol’ M., isn’t it? Going back to your blog, I was tired of reading the same “travel blogs” over and over again, those who just talk about touristic spots and good restaurants. But after, reading yours…oh, I love it! So I think you should carry on writing until your fingers bleed…
    By the way, let me introduce myself: do you remember the “Indian heavy metal night” at the Cherry Bar in Melbourne with Claudio, Matt, Marcello, Alexis and Elisa? I’m Elisa (Alexis says you hi!) We are on our way to Sydney after having spent three months in Tassie. We bought a van there and now we are doing our own trip!
    Pues eso, disfruta de tu viaje y escribe de nuevo en cuanto puedas, que nos encanta! (puede parecer raro, pero después de 6 meses en Australia, yo también echo de menos la vieja y decadente Europa!)
    Thanks for your trip and enjoy New Zealand!
    And say hello to M., a.k.a. El alemán loco!

    • Hey!!!
      Sorry for answering that late… But it wasn’t easy to find Internet spots as we were on the road… Well a big thank you for your review!!! I’m really touched!! =)
      I’m glad you like it, and glad to know you’re getting started with traveling too!!
      Wish you guys the best, those 2 months on the road have literally blown my mind away… Hopefully you’ll be as lucky as I’ve been!! =)
      I just started to write again, I have so much to say about the trip… Don’t worry, my fingers are bleeding already!! There will be a couple of new chapters online these coming days!!
      Y dentro de unos dias, vuelvo a nuestra decadente Europa..! :p
      Best of luck, un beso !!!

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