VI/ Karma Police

Wow, just had a ‘déjà vu’!! This shit is so interesting by the way, it’s like the science of dreams.. Just Love it!!
I see a ‘déjà vu’ as a kind of ‘checkpoint’ of your life that you had to reach one way or another. But in my world, between these two ‘checkpoints’, it is fully up to you to choose your way. Basically you have 200 000 million different paths that all lead to the same next ‘déjà vu’ in the end.

Don’t you ever noticed that in general it comes by cycles? I mean sometimes you can have over than one déjà vu per day and some other periods it’s not even once a month??
Suspicious isn’t it ? Well if you get it from my point of view, it would just mean that those long periods with no déjà vu at all are just due to the fact that you’ve chosen the longest or the most difficult path to reach your personal next ‘checkpoint’. In fact, you could almost be proud of yourself..!
Wow, I’m going a bit too far right there… But still, this theory takes the whole thing to another level right??
Later on, scientists will explain you that’s it’s just a matter of an eyes that has seen the exact same thing as the second one but with a micro second lag.
Well whatever, I prefer my own interpretation.
And what if ‘déjà vu’ meant that you lost a life and restarted at the last checkpoint?

“I don’t sleep much but I dream a lot.”

9.56pm: “You know it’s time to move out from your flat when one of your housemates burps out loud in the living room before to tell ‘Legend!’ to himself…”

As you might already know, my laptop left me down a couple of hours after I put all of my first five chapters online… Great timing dude, really. This is gonna make it so much easier for me to get some feedback… Thanks for them by the way, those were pretty encouraging feedback!!
As you can see, it made me wanna keep on going, no matter what.
How about the music then, still listening to it? How do you like it?
Got some really nice feedback about that too and since I love music, from now on I’ll share more of my ‘Love-at-first-play’ songs!!
Lately found out about that Artist called Bakermat… Purely awesome!!
Here is one of his best tune; this is called “Zomer”.

The destiny tried to take my laptop away from me when I needed it the most??
Well fuck that, just stole my housemate’s one and tonight I’m writing my 6th chapter.
(For the anecdote, that one housemate’s laptop that I’m talking about ALSO crashed down few hours after I wrote these words..! Kind of Karma I guess…)
But taking some perspective from the situation, there’s still some good ones that happened during this ‘disconnected week’.

First I had so much inspiration!! Literally boiling!! But of course, with no laptop that I could use to keep on writing…
You know it’s always the same in life, as soon as you know that you cannot do something, all of your senses will push you trying to do that one thing.
“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself.” Oscar Wilde
It actually happens all the time, you know it’s this thing that makes you having too many good job opportunities when you do actually already have job, but makes you go through a terrible misfortune when you’re actually looking for one?
That also works with chicks by the way, but let’s not go there.

One of the best anecdote of the week occurred during my first night after work (after having lost my laptop). It was late at night, something like 3am, my co-worker just went back home (after a pretty nice chilling out session..) and then I was feeling slightly alone I must admit. And at this exact moment, a dude from another flat popped up in my living room with the eyes wide open, looking pretty much shocked or sort of…
I mean to make a parenthesis to clarify something here, in Australia weed is so ‘popular’ and way more democratized than in Europe (..!). Remember that I told you I surprised the big boss of my restaurant making himself a massive joint few days ago ?? Well this is what I mean.

With respect to the question of my anecdote of the week, the guys explained me that he was already pretty high when he found out he ‘didn’t have enough shit left to finish his night’. As he was trying to ‘gather the very last crumbs’ he had, he found himself picking up some pieces that may have fell over the floor. And since it was pretty dark in there (4 in the morning), he couldn’t really see what he was actually picking up…
“Dude, I just had a revelation!! I know now where the expression ‘smocking the carpet’ is coming from !! Cuz 2 minutes ago, I found out that I WAS actually LITERALLY SMOCKING THE CARPET!!!”

It also took me a while to understand. Subtitles: He meant that he accidentally probably put some nasty small pieces of the (disgusting) carpet we have in each flat in my building INTO his joint as he was trying to gather his last ‘weed crumbs’ over the floor.
This building, my building, or “Fight Club`s house” as I’ve always been calling it…
So, according to him, the expression ‘Have you been smocking the carpet??’ has been invented by a man who was apparently that fucked up that he ended up smocking his own carpet, being desperate or simply cause he couldn`t find anything else to smoke.
It’s a concept, but I’ve laughed my ass off, I must admit. You should have seen his eyes whilst he was telling the story, as if he saw Virgin Mary..!
This Spanish fellah is called Pablo, he lives next door and he rocks.

Ow dear laptop… why?? Why have you left me down after everything we’ve been through together..?
You know it’s always the same, you just never wanna believe this is ever gonna happen to you… To your surrounding maybe but never to your beloved laptop that you’ve been taking care of for 5 years..! C’mon dude, I never ever dropped you over the floor badly, I’ve taken you with me in all my great travels, I’ve shown you some nice po..-(HUM HUM) Sorry-.. photos, well whatever you left me down.

Randomly listening all of my old tracks that I have on my lpod for a last time as I know in advance that I’ll lose all my playlists on Itunes as they are fully rebooting my laptop by now… (Yes the Chinese dude just gave me a call, I’ll get it back tomorrow.)
And as I fly away listening to my favourite tunes being kind of nostalgic because I know it might be the very last time I’m ever listening this or that song in particular that remind me so much episodes of my ‘youth’, like high school time for instance… ‘Souvenirs souvenirs !!’
Makes me feel a bit like Jim Carrey in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” when he’s trying to hide in his own memories for them not to be erased forever… But one still can read in his eyes that he knows it’s irretrievably too late…

Don’t worry about hard times, these are our best teachers in life.


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